Mason woman opens up warm home to ducks, gets them out of the cold

MASON, Ohio -- Eight ducks have a roof over their heads, thanks to a caring woman in Mason.

Terri Hopton's property has been home to the ducks for quite some time. They cannot fly, and they're going nowhere else very fast.

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Hopton knows the deep freeze and sub-zero temperatures are too much for the ducks to handle, and she couldn't bear to let them freeze, even if it meant losing some sleep.

The ducks have been the Hopton house guests since Saturday afternoon, but at the cost of a peaceful night's sleep for Terri and her husband.

"But it's just too cold for them right now, so we brought them in the house, and made a makeshift cage," she said. "And in the afternoons for about an hour, I let them, I put four in one bathtub and four in the other bathtub, and so for about an hour they swim around and then we clean their pens and put them back in here."

Overnight, the ducks get so loud that the Hoptons wear earplugs to avoid being woken up.

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