Maineville residents want planned substance abuse treatment center to be relocated

MAINEVILLE, Ohio -- Downtown is the wrong spot in the small town of Maineville for a substance abuse treatment center that's set to open in April, according to many who live there.

A flyer reached the hands of Maineville residents Wednesday, notifying them of the planned recovery center. It said the new treatment center would be directed by physicians, house up to 60 patients, provide outpatient services, detoxification treatment and counseling.

The location, soon to be 62 West Fosters-Maineville Road, is within walking distance from the town's elementary school, a day care center, Testerman Park, a grocery store, an ice cream stand, a children's karate learning center and homes of concerned residents.

One of those residents is Tony Neary. He attended a meeting held Thursday night, where about 100 others packed the Village Administration Building's meeting room. The mayor and the board talked zoning with the center's potential owners, and called on only two gentlemen for questions.

"They cited multiple ordinances on the Maineville books that show this facility fails to meet any of the criteria," Neary said. "It is abundantly clear based on zoning codes that this facility cannot be permitted to open. I fear it may anyway."

Neary takes his kids to the nearby ice cream stand for treats, and to the fire station across the street, where they enjoy seeing the fire trucks and meeting Santa when Christmas rolls around.

"My concern is simple," he said. "I applaud the notion of finding a facility to help those in need, but this location is woefully inadequate for its purpose based on zoning alone. The safety and well-being of the Maineville citizens will be compromised. I know my wife and I would not feel comfortable walking our kids to get ice cream two doors down from this clinic."

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