Ohio mom, adopted son closer to coming home after braving terror in Ukraine

LEBANON, Ohio -- There's a light at the end of the tunnel for a local mom caught in Ukraine, waiting to make it back home to Lebanon with her newly adopted son.

Tracey Snyder went to Ukraine to adopt 15-year old Vitali about two months ago. The terror in Kiev reached its peak during days of fire and death, keeping Snyder and Vitali from leaving. The mother and soon-to-be son were completing the adoption process in Kaniv, a town two hours north of Kiev.

She hoped to return to the Tri-State mid-March, and because Ukraine's crisis calmed down, that's likely to happen.

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Snyder and her family have plans to reunite on March 17, about two months after her journey to Ukraine. Until then, Snyder's husband, Butch, and their three children, adopted from Korea, will wait in Lebanon, while their hearts are overseas.

Urban Crest Baptist Church held family dinner night Wednesday. WCPO reporter Jay Warren spoke to Butch Snyder, who can't wait for his wife and Vitali to come home.

"He really wants to be an American citizen," Butch said. "He wants to come to America because he seen the opportunities here, he seen the friends that he's already made, the family that is here, he seen what America is but also, he doesn't want to leave his friends, because even though it's an orphanage it's very dreary, and it can be a very sad place you still build up bonds with people."

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