PD: 2 men help subdue suspect in Franklin cop assault

FRANKLIN, Ohio -- Two men rushed to the assistance of a police officer who was fighting with a “dangerous” suspect in a burglary investigation Saturday.

The incident took place just after 3 p.m. Saturday in Franklin while officers were looking for the suspect who burglarized a home on Minnick Street.

The officer who was assaulted was checking the area when he saw 41-year-old Charles Cole on E. Sixth Street near Sunnybrook Avenue, according to a release from the Franklin Police Department.

Suspicious of Cole’s behavior, the officer decided to conduct a field interview. At that point Cole became “verbally aggressive and then assaulted the officer,” according to the release.

Watching the confrontation take place, city residents Benjamin Lawson, 33, and Levi Miniard, 19, ran over to help subdue Cole who was then taken into custody.

“The Franklin Police Department partners with the community every day to help keep Franklin a safe and enjoyable place to live, work and visit,” Chief Russ Whitman wrote in a release. “Today, two of our citizens partnered with the Franklin Police Department and assisted one of our officers in apprehending a dangerous criminal.


WATCH in the video player above: Video of the two residents assisting the officer during the assault.

“It is really nice to know that if any of my officers are in danger, our citizens will step up and help an officer. This is just one of many reason why I love this town.”

Cole was transported to the Atrium Hospital where he was admitted for a 72-hour evaluation, according to police. It's unclear if he suffered any injuries.

The officer, who hasn’t been named, was transported to Sycamore Hospital for treatment. His injuries are considered minor and he was released later Saturday.

Police say Cole will face several felony charges including burglary, assault on a police officer and obstructing official business.

The investigation is ongoing.

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