Ex-Kentucky police officer arrested in Deerfield Township in connection with 1994 double homicide

DEERFIELD TOWNSHIP, Ohio -- A former Oak Grove, Ky. police officer is in custody and accused in a 1994 double homicide.

Edward Carter, 43, was arrested Friday after Kentucky State Police requested that the Warren County Sheriff’s Office locate him.

Officials said Carter was wanted in connection with a double homicide that happened in southern Kentucky, when two prostitutes were killed.

At that time, there were accusations that some of the police would shake down the bordello for the money and free favors. Carter was said to be part of the organization, and when a madam tried to ban Carter, he retaliated.

For nearly 20 years, there were no charges filed in the murders of Gloria Ross and Candida Belt. Carter was long suspected by those who knew the victims, but they believed an officer covered it up to present a solid investigation.

"Always a good thing to take a bad guy off the street, especially when it's somebody wanted for killing two people," Sgt. Brian Hounshell said.

Carter’s last known address was in Mason. The Sheriff’s Office said deputies were able to figure out that Carter was in the area by using a License Plate Reader system.

"It was a couple weeks ago that it was seen on Snider Road in the area of Mason," Hounshell said. "We started looking around the local hotels which our road units did and finally found the vehicle at the Days Inn."

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A few hours after deputies found Carter’s SUV, deputies surrounded the hotel.

"We went and spoke with the person who was working at the hotel. That evening, Mr. Carter was registered to a room there at that time," Hounshell said. "The tactical team came in, he was called out of the room and taken into custody without incident."

Carter was taken to the Warren County Jail to await extradition to Kentucky.

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