Vote for your favorite police cruiser

CINCINNATI -- When it comes to cruising down the highway, Ohio State Highway patrol officers are riding in style.

They might even have the coolest cruisers in the country, but that’s to be determined by Facebook users nationwide.

The American Association of State Troopers is hosting the Best Looking Cruiser contest on its Facebook page and asking users nationwide to “like” the photo of their favorite vehicle.

Right now, Ohio is winning the competition with 3,335 votes. Kentucky State Police vehicles have 2,111 likes and Indiana State Police have 488 likes so far.

The department with the best looking car will be featured on a future American Association of State Troopers newsletter, said Angie Ishee, public relations manger and Trooper Connection editor.

“It as recommended by one of our board members that we check to see which patrol car style was the most popular,” Ishee said. “So we decided to put it out there to all of my (information) contacts with each department. There was great interest so we ran with it.”

Facebook is the quickest way to reach people for immediate results, Ishee said, so she posted the contest there.

“It’s just blowing up,” Ishee said. “People are asking us to do a contest for the best academy, the best uniforms and best motorcycles.”

Voting ends July 14.

Representatives from the Ohio State Highway Patrol are enjoying the little bit of healthy competition between departments stemming from this contest.

“The little bit of competition between other state agencies  is a good thing,” said Lt. Craig Cevetan, spokesperson for the Ohio State Highway Patrol. “Obviously we feel the Ohio State Highway Patrol , we do have the best looking cruisers.”

Thought and effort was put behind the car’s design, which debuted in 2012 after Ford stopped making the classic Crown Victoria police vehicles.

“We keep them clean and shined up and that’s the image we ant to portray,” Cevetan said. “We started with the Dodge Charger in 2012…It has a more intimidating look. It’s more aggressive like the older style muscle cars.”

Cetevan said he’s not surprised that Ohio is currently winning the contest.

“The Ohio community has always kind of gotten behind the Highway Patrol,” he explained. “Our Facebook page has over 63,000 likes. We are one of the top state law enforcement agencies when it comes to social media.

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