'Voice' taken from Finneytown trumpeter's home during Grand Rapids Symphony

FINNEYTOWN, Ohio -- World class trumpeter Brian Buerkle spent last weekend performing with the Grand Rapids Symphony in Michigan, little did he know thieves had their hands on his home in Finneytown.

They stole 14 instruments from Buerkle's home, and as he told 9 On Your Side reporter Scott Wegener, the value of the loss is irreplaceable.

Buerkle first discovered band in the fifth grade, and has channeled his soul ever since.

"I thought the trumpet was pretty special," he said. "They're my voice, they're how I express myself"

His talent and passion with the trumpet has taken him across Europe, to Vienna, Frankfort, Lucerne and Paris.

At his home in Finneytown, he kept his "voice" - rare and beloved trumpets. As thieves took televisions, computers, clothing and other valuables from his home, they also took the 14 notes of his voice.

Buerkle and police all hope to recover that irreplaceable voice.

"I don't have children of my own, and I don't want to claim that a piece of metal is like a child but for me, these are the things I go to everyday," Buerkle said. "Things that I rely on, things I use to express myself. It's my voice."


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