Unemployment benefits set to expire for some in December

CINCINNATI - More than 280,000 Ohioans will exhaust their unemployment benefits by December, according to a report out Wednesday from the Ohio Department on Job and Family Services.

The number of people running out of unemployment will reach more than 7,100 by December - with peaks in the months of April (986 people) and December (4,233 people), according to the report.

This same trend is happening in Warren County where just under of 3,400 people will run out of the assistance by December.

March unemployment rates in Ohio and Butler County fell to 7.5 percent and 7.9 percent respectively, according to the latest figures from Ohio Department of Job and Family Services. Unemployment rates last month in both Hamilton and Middletown dropped to 9.4 percent, ODJFS said Tuesday.

"These are estimates; the actual numbers will fluctuate as people find work and stop collecting," said Benjamin Johnson, ODJFS spokesman, in a press release.

If local communities were hit with this many people losing their benefits at one time, employment officials said it would have a big impact on social services.

For this reason, officials are encouraging unemployed people to seek their services now.

Officials said the peaks in April and December can be attributed to the scheduled ending of the federal extension of unemployment benefits.

In Ohio, weeks one to 26 of unemployment benefits will continue as normal funded through the Unemployment Compensation Trust Fund.

But the federal extension of benefits for weeks 27 to 99 of unemployment are all set to expire by December. Officials said weeks 27 to 73 of unemployment compensation will be available until December - when more than 6,200 residents in Butler and Warren counties are expected to lose their benefits.

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