Typhoon Haiyan: Florinda Heath scans images for glimpse of relatives

CINCINNATI - From the terrifying images, Typhoon Haiyan appears to be of near biblical proportion.

Somewhere in the devastation of the Philippines, an island nation of 91 million, are members of Florinda Heath's family, including the cousins we introduced to you last Friday.

"They survived, but the problem is it's hard to find food and water right now and electricity is … they're estimating it will be restored in a couple months," Heath said Monday.

With much of the country's infrastructure crippled, electricity and phone towers down, Heath had no way of knowing whether either of them or their families were alive or dead.

So she watched clips emerging from the news media.

"We're looking to see if they're showing pictures where my family is from, the town where we're from, and see if we take a glimpse of familiar faces," Heath said.

She is coordinating the search with her cousin in Sydney, Australia.

They still haven't found Heath’s uncle, Justinoi Aguilar, Jr., in the heart of the devastation.

Families aren't the only ones waiting for the status of the Philippines.

At Matthew 25: Ministries, preparations are under way to ship in food and medical and cleaning supplies. But everything is grounded until they know it can reach its destination.

"In many cases airports can be closed, maybe harbors will be flooded or destroyed,” said spokesperson Joodi Archer.

“Whenever an entire country is devastated by a natural disaster, it really takes the entire world to respond to them,” said Tim Mettey, disaster relief coordinator.

Matthew 25: Ministries accepts donations online and in-person. Visit their website: Matthew 25: Ministries  or call 513-793-6256. They are located at 11060 Kenwood Road.


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