Former teacher trial testimony describes pot smoking, personal messaging

CINCINNATI – During testimony in the trial of a former Colerain high school teacher, a teen at the center of the case described illicit text messages, sexual encounters, alcohol and pot smoking sessions.

"I thought it was cool to get with a teacher," the 16 year old told the jury.

Testimony began Tuesday in the trial of former Colerain High School biology teacher Julie Hautzenroeder, 36, who is accused of having sex with two students. She faces two counts of sexual battery. 

The trial opened Tuesday when Stephanie Kessel, 19, took the stand and testified she witnessed two teenage boys smoke marijuana at the home of Hautzenroeder.

“It was in the discussion, and I smelled it before,” Kessel said. “Everyone knew what it was.”

Kessel said Hautzenroeder presented a glass pipe to the group in the teacher's apartment. Kessel said she did not smoke with the group and left the house around 10 or 11 p.m. on the night in question.

Hautzenroeder is accused of having sex with two 16-year-old boys at her Loveland home between April 26 and May 15 of 2013. She pleaded not guilty to two charges of sexual battery.

As the testimony proceeded Tuesday afternoon, the two teenagers who allegedly slept with Hautzenboeder took the stand.

The first said he regularly ate lunch in the biology teacher’s classroom and communicated with her on a social media photo sharing application called SnapChat. It was then, the student testified, Hautzenroeder’s communications became personal, and she invited the teenager and another student over to her apartment.

"I told her that I smoked before. I didn't know she had the pot until I got there," he said.

The 16 year old went on to say the visit became a mix of alcohol, marijuana and sex. He described undressing for Hautzenroeder in her bedroom with the other student present. Both young men engaged in sex with her, he added.

"Julie rolled over to me and she started giving me oral sex," he said. "She said her house was like Vegas, what happens there stays there."

Hautzenroeder's defense grilled the teenager on cross examination, attacking his credibility and trying to paint him as a stoner and drug dealer.

The teen admitted to smoking pot three days before he took the stand.

The second teen in the case also took the stand on Tuesday, and also talked about smoking pot with his ninth grade geophysics teacher. 

The Colerain teen told the court about going into the teacher's bedroom and laying down. The teen said Hautzenroeder was in the middle of the bed, while he and the other student were on either side. 

Like the first student to testify, Hautzenroeder's lawyer again attacked the credibility of both teens, calling them liars. 

Hautzenroeder was a teacher in the Northwest School District since 2006. If convicted on the charges, she faces up to 10 years in prison.


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