Tri-State students camp outside Sunday night to experience homelessness

WYOMING, Ohio -- Several Tri-State high school students spent the night outside Sunday to get a brief idea of what it's like to be homeless.

The students camped out at Wyoming High School to live the difference between starting the day waking up in a warm bed as opposed to trying to stay warm in a cardboard box.

October is Homeless Awareness Month and the event is one way students are encouraged to bring awareness to homelessness and learn about it firsthand.

Wyoming High School is one of several high schools and colleges around the Tri-State participating in homelessness events during the month of October.

It’s estimated about 25,000 people in Cincinnati experience homelessness at some point every year.

The Greater Cincinnati Coalition for the Homeless encourages events like these and tries to use the experience to increase support to transition people out of homelessness.

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