Tri-State mom must brave Ukraine terror to get adopted son home

LEBANON, Ohio -- A local mother adopted a boy from Ukraine, and is determined to work through days of fire and death to get him home.

Tracy Snyder hopes a new agreement there will hold so she can bring her new son home to Lebanon to join her family.

Flames, violence and protests have turned Kiev into a town of terror, but a town two hours away shares the fear of violence. Kaniv is where Snyder waits to adopt 15-year-old Vitaliy. She hopes to return to the Tri-State by March 15, but the situation in Ukraine will decide that.

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Waiting in Lebanon is Tracy's husband, Butch. They have three biological children, and three adopted from Korea.

Snyder couldn't spend free time with her son in Kaniv until Thursday.

"While I was at the orphanage with my son, they said, 'we need you to pack your things and go back to the hotel right now,'" Snyder said.

Before she heads back to the United States with Vitaliy, Snyder has to go to the US Embassy in Kiev. She said her son knows there's a reason to be concerned.

"At the court building, he knew something was going on," Snyder said. "He overheard talk of revolution coming, and he looked at me and he goes, 'mom, we pray.' He grabbed my hand and we prayed right in the middle of the court steps."

The prayer gave Snyder comfort that she hopes is felt back home.

"I miss you guys so much and think about you all the time," Snyder said. "Can't wait to be back home."

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