Tired of the cold weather, Tri-Staters find something to do

CINCINNATI -- Not only are people around the Tri-State feeling the cold, they're also feeling tired. Very tired.

Residents around the area took to indoor activities to ease cabin fever and fatigue. Going out to one of Cincinnati's restaurants seems like a nice night out, but with subzero temperatures, even that sounds like no fun. You have to bundle up, and make a mad dash for the restaurant door.

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WCPO reporter Tom McKee visited the Blue Ash YMCA Tuesday afternoon, where boys and girls jumped rope and played basketball.

"I'm just not a cold person. I love the summer," youth Emily Koslovsky said. "I just love water sports and I can't do that with ice on the lakes."

Emily's mom found her way to the treadmill while she and her siblings played in the gym.

"It's so easy to just want to crawl underneath your covers and go back to sleep," Lisa Koslovsky said. "But we're trying on the other option of building on our energy."

One young man seemed to like the extreme winter more than Emily. He said he didn't mind not going to school, taking a load off and playing games.

A helpful employee at Swifty Gas in Norwood wished he could take a load off. No matter how bad the frost bites, he still pumps gasoline for his customers. He's happy to provide service to customers, but he's tired of doing it in the cold, icy conditions.

"I can be 110 degrees for all I care," Mark Hans said.

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