The Millennial Mind Pt. I: In a generation accused of 'entitlement,' local woman fights stereotypes

CINCINNATI - Anyone who researches the millennial generation will find a disproportionate number of articles on two topics: Those who accuse the generation of possessing a host of less than desirable characteristics, and those written by millennials defending their generation from harsh criticism.

This five-part series will take a closer look at local millennials, who are defining their generation and setting a precedent for others to follow.

Anna Worpenberg, 22, believes society’s continual bashing of her generation is without merit. She said those who pass judgment rarely take into account the circumstances in which she and her fellow millenials were raised.

“What I see is that millennials are left with a world that was a little bit different than the previous generation,” she said. “We’re left with the economic recession, we’re left with the end of war. And the generation we grew up into told us, well, you’re probably not going to have a job after college.”

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