Speaker of the House John Boehner to discuss Affordable Care Act in Hamilton

HAMILTON, Ohio -- Speaker of the House and West Chester native John Boehner is scheduled to talk about the impact of the new health care reform on small businesses Friday in Hamilton.

Boehner was targeted as a reason for the government shutdown and for the delay in negotiations between Democrats and Republicans.

His major issue? The Affordable Care Act.

He will visit FinPan to speak with employees and talk about the company holding off on hiring full-time employees because of the new health care law.

Boehner will share stories he has heard from other Ohio business owners about their struggles over the new law.

“It’s because of stories like these that my colleagues and I here in the House continue to work to provide fairness for all Americans under the president’s health care law," Boehner says in a YouTube video sharing Ohio stories. "The president has given special breaks to big corporations and powerful labor unions who have asked for relief from the law’s requirements. Now it’s time for him to give the same relief to American families and small businesses.”

He says in some cases, owners say they are closing because of rising costs and others claim they are paying 65 percent more because their former policy is being discontinued.

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