Source: Water shut off at Beach Waterpark

MASON, Ohio - 9 News had learned more information about the closure of The Beach Waterpark and how many season pass holders were actually affected.  According to a spokesman for the park, there were approximately 8,500 season pass holders for the summertime water attraction.

However, 9 News has also learned that the water to the water park was shut off in January by Greater Cincinnati Waterworks.  A spokesperson tells 9 News that The Beach has an outstanding water bill that is a "significant amount."  The last bill payment was made in December, 2011, but it was a partial payment which led to the service interruption. The park receives monthly bills for water usage.

Ralph Vilarado, Jr., a spokesman for the park, said the owners of The Beach did not actually manage the park.

"The investors hired a management company to take care of all of the financial and day to day operations of the park," he said.

The managing partner and largest shareholder of The Beach Waterpark is Mike Schueler.  He is the CEO of Henkle Schueler and Associates, a Lebanon-based real estate development company.  9 News tried to get answers from him, but he's out of town for several weeks.

Meanwhile, as far as season pass holders not getting a refund, Vilardo indicated there is no money to give.  He said it was all spent on the park.

"In the 27 years that the park operated, that was the normal operating procedure that they would run a pre-season sale to try to generate that income to invest back into the park," he explained.

Vilardo also admits there were money problems.  9 News asked the question when did The Beach know it.

"They identified the money problems early on and were working diligently to try to identify additional financing," Vilardo said.

One other smaller vendor also acknowledged the park owed it money as well. Vilardo said they are still hopeful the park can be sold to investors willing to maintain it as a water park for the community. Meanwhile, the Ohio Attorney General's office has received at least 100 additional consumer complaints against the park in the last day.
Stay with 9 News for updates on the situation at The Beach Waterpark.

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