Sing it! 9 First Warning Traffic reporter Adam Marshall and his daughter's take on 'Amazing Grace'

CINCINNATI - Maybe you've seen the viral video . Ben Ames is a dad and his 4-year-old daughter Adelaide Ames is afraid of fireworks. So scared, in fact, that she couldn't get to sleep when they were going off. 

According to Good Morning America, the family lives in a small village abroad while he studies for his Ph.D. in atomic physics. Sometimes fireworks go off unexpectedly there.

So how does Ames calm his daughters fears? He breaks into song.

In a video that's blowing up on YouTube, Ames and Adelaide sing classic, "Tonight You Belong To Me" together.

But Ames isn't the only dad taking time to sing with his child. 

9 First Warning Traffic reporter Adam Marshall also belts it out with his little girl.  You can take a look at their rendition of Amazing Grace here.

How do you calm the fears of your little ones? Let us know at

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