Severe Thunderstorm Warnings and Watches for Tri-State counties canceled

CINCINNATI - All Severe Thunderstorm Warning and Watches issued for parts of the Tri-State Thursday night have expired or been canceled.

Several Warnings were issued for various parts of eastern Indiana, Northern Kentucky and southwest Ohio after a day of persistent rainfall turned into a furious downpour around 9 p.m., according to the National Weather Service (NWS) in Wilmington .

Most of the Warnings expired early Friday morning. The Watch issued for the entire Tri-State was set to expire at 4 a.m. Friday but was canceled around midnight, according to the NWS.

Officials from the National Weather Service advised people in affected areas to seek shelter in a sturdy buildings and stay away from windows and doors until the storms had passed.

In addition to heavy rain, the storm also brought strong winds and some lightning. Severe wind gusts were possible "even with little to no thunder and lightning expected," the NWS warned.

9 On Your Side First Warning Meteorologist Steve Raleigh wrote during the storm:

Some severe weather has broken out west of the Tri-State near Indianapolis south to Paducah. This is the cold front that will roar in here within a couple of hours. It'll bring heavy rain and isolated storms. Plus, the winds will continue to gust near 40 mph or stronger near severe storms.

A cold front is started to pass by the Tri-State just after midnight and the rain and winds will continue to diminish overnight. 


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