Separate police chases, crashes cause havoc on Cincinnati roadways

Police arrest two men

CINCINNATI -- Two unrelated police chases ended in crashes at almost the same place and time Monday morning.

The first happened in the southbound lanes of I-75. Officers said they spotted a man on Vine Street who was wanted on drug trafficking warrants.

Police said they tried to pull the man over but he sped off down I-75 driving erratically before crashing his vehicle near Paddock Road. Officers said the driver hit several other vehicles. He was eventually arrested after attempting to escape on foot.

The crash brought traffic to a standstill on I-75 for more than an hour.

Investigators said the driver in this case is a “high-level” drug dealer.

The second crash happened in Springfield Township while officers were looking for the driver in the first crash.

Police used a license plate scanner while searching for the driver in the first chase when they spotted a stolen vehicle. They then initiated a pursuit.

"When you're deploying some of the high-end technology that we do, you're never surprised with what you do… The nice part is we've made two arrests for two individuals wanted for felonies that are now off the streets of the city of Cincinnati,” Capt. Jeff Butler said.

The driver of the stolen vehicle lost control and hit a pole in the 1700 block of Section Road, causing the vehicle to overturn.

The driver was arrested at the scene.

"I’m glad nobody got hurt, the drivers and bystanders, but man that's crazy," said the stolen vehicle’s owner, Justin Lawson. Lawson’s vehicle was taken from a church parking lot last week, according to police.

Butler said the officers who responded to both crashes were able to arrest both men because of good communication and excellent training.

"The officers were able to clearly articulate the two different incidents that were going on,” Butler said. “We were actually fortunate that they were both in the same immediate area because we had a high number of officers in the area that were able to apprehend both (suspects) without incident,” Butler said.

The identities of the men police took into custody have not been released.

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