Romney vows to restore economic freedom if elected president

Speaks to Town Hall Meeting in Bowling Green

BOWLING GREEN, Ohio - An energetic Mitt Romney vowed Wednesday that if he's elected president in November he will work to restore economic freedom to the nation -- especially for businesses of all sizes.

The promise came before 600 Republican supporters during a Town Hall meeting at the Bowling Green Community Center in northwestern Ohio.

The former Massachusetts governor and Republican presidential hopeful delivered a 20-minute campaign speech, then took questions from eight citizens for 25-minutes on issues ranging from help for small businesses to restoring the homebuilding industry.

Romney called this a crossroads election where voter can choose four more years of so-so governing or choose the common sense principles that he is putting forth.

He attacked President Obama for a statement the President made last week that business owners didn't built their businesses. Many crowded into the community center gymnasium displayed signs that they did indeed build their businesses.

"President Obama is out of touch, out of ideas and out of excuses," Romney said.  "That's why I want to get him out of office."

While many media outlets are reporting that Ohio U.S. Senator Rob Portman of Terrace Park will be the GOP's vice-presidential nominee, Romney said he hasn't chosen his running mate, but that person will have conservative values like those of the Tea Party movement.

He repeated his five priorities in getting the American economy moving again -- expanding U.S. energy resources, creating new markets for American goods, reducing the national debt, matching workers with the right training to get jobs and restoring freedom for businesses.  

"This election is about the soul of America," Romney said. 

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