Residential side streets last but not least in Cincinnati street cleaning

CINCINNATI -- As temperatures fall even lower, concern about the roads freezing over plagues residents, again.

Many people around town are sick and tired of the winter's harsh conditions -- above-average snowfall, icy roads, freezing pipes and low-stocked grocery aisles. Everyone seems to be ready for some sun and warmth.

The exhaustion and plunging thermometers weren't enough to stop salt trucks from getting out and tackling even the smallest side streets in Cincinnati. Workers shoveled salt and calcium chloride through Tuesday night to make sure the streets are safe for everyone, including residents off the beaten path.

University of Cincinnati sophomore Maddie Barrett said, "I try and not drive. If I have to I will, but if I don't have to go to work, that's so much more help."

Just when ice on side streets started to melt from earlier treatment, cold Tuesday night temperatures turned them back into a skating rink, according to crews in Clifton. They got help from ODOT and the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, and the team's work continued through Tuesday night.

An interesting fact about Hamilton County's salt use: In mid-January, 2013, ODOT used 2,300 tons of salt. In 2014, crews have used 5,200 tons.

WCPO reporter Amy Wadas contributed to this report.

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