Reds pitcher Mat Latos' wife, Dallas, claims she was attacked by fan at PNC Park in Pittsburgh

Incident allegedly happened during Wild Card Game

PITTSBURGH – Pittsburgh police say they got a call to the Budweiser Bar at PNC Park around 9:30 p.m. during Tuesday night's Wild Card game because 20 to 30 unruly Pirates and Reds fans were making threats and using a lot of profanity toward each other.

Sergeant John Fisher said that police were met with more of the same when they arrived to settle the crowd down. In the end, seven fans were ejected, of which two were Cincinnati Reds fans. One Reds fan in attendance was Cincinnati Reds pitcher Mat Latos' wife, Dallas. She was not ejected from the bar.

Mrs. Latos turned to her Twitter account after the matter to tell of her experience at the Budweiser Bar.

"Got punched in the head at least 3 time by a pirates fan so this has been cool," wrote Latos.

Latos says the incident between her and another woman was sent over the edge after she asked a man to stop taunting one of the people with her party.

She wrote, "Look. Check the police report. I was ambushed in the Budweiser bar, grabbed by the hair, drug down & punched in the head multiple times."

Sgt. Fisher said in a 9:30 a.m. news conference Wednesday the department was unable to act on the claim, because no officer witnessed the assault. Fisher said that Latos was referred to a magistrate to pursue charges.

Police pointed out that family members and anyone traveling with the Cincinnati Reds were afforded a secure area at the stadium to watch the game. Dallas wrote that she wanted to be where there was less of a crowd.

Latos said that she would file charges with the magistrate.

She also tweeted she was experiencing backlash online for her complaint.

"The fact that our society condemns victims is disgusting," she wrote. "I have nothing to gain from telling my story besides a bunch of hate so save it."

Sgt. Fisher said everyone involved appeared to be intoxicated.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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