Quiz reveals that some 9 On Your Side workers should have a career other than journalism

CINCINNATI -- Some 9 On Your Side staff members had some fun Friday taking a quiz that revealed what career we should ready have.

While we work each day digging deep for the best news coverage, some of us found out we should be the head of a company, a vice president or a professor, among other jobs. The quiz from Buzzfeed asks a series of questions about your personality, hobbies and preferences.

For example, what would you spend your tax refund on? Who is your dream dinner guest?

QUIZ: What career should you really have?

WCPO's Tanya O'Rourke took the quiz, and learned she should be a astronaut. Carol Williams should be a fashion designer, and Clyde Gray should be a humanitarian.

The quiz gives you a chance to do some dreaming, and a chance to think about your passions and ambitions.


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