Cincinnati mom found guilty of assault on student at school

CINCINNATI -- A woman accused of helping her teenage daughter beat up a fellow classmate was found guilty Friday for assault.

Precious Allen faced misdemeanor charges including assault and trespassing from the Feb. 7 scuffle at Withrow High School. She was found guilty for the assault charge and not guilty for the trespassing charge.

A judge ruled she will face six months probation for the incident, which could be reduced for good behavior.

9 On Your Side reporter Mario Ramirez was in the courtroom as Allen gave emotional testimony about the incident.

Ramirez said tears and shouts filled the courtroom while Allen took the stand to tell the jury she was protecting her daughter from a bully.

Allen said she went to school to withdraw her then-14-year-old daughter because of ongoing bullying.

The 31-year-old was accused of bypassing school security and going into her daughter's art class where police say she held down the student while her daughter used a combination locker to attack the girl.

Allen said that was never her intention and it was the other girl who struck her in the face, knocking her to the ground.

The jury also heard from Allen’s daughter about the events leading up to the fight. The girl claimed she confronted the other student about rumors.

Allen’s daughter said she never intended to fight the other girl and that she only attacked when the girl hit her mother on the head.

The daughter said Allen had never been to the school before that day and had made calls to administrators about the alleged bullying.

Allen’s daughter said Allen was talking to the teacher when the fight happened and that her mom broke up the fight in the hallway.

When Allen took the stand, she said her daughter was not a problem student and that she had come to the school with a friend that day to take her daughter home.

Allen told the jury she explained to a security guard what she was doing so the school should have been aware.

According to Allen, she was not aware the girl that her daughter had a problem with was in the classroom at the time.

She said he has never been in a physical fight.

During court proceedings Thursday, a family member was arrested and taken into custody.

Officials say Allen’s daughter’s grandfather, Stephen Hanis, was arrested in the courtroom after the presiding judge said he was intimidating witnesses while they waited in a hallway to testify in the case.

Hanis is being held in contempt of court after a verbal altercation outside the hearing with teenage girls who witnessed the alleged attack, according to officials. Hanis was given 30 days in jail as a result of the incident.

Allen has sued the district and school officials, saying the school intentionally deleted video that would have proven her innocence.

A security officer testified Thursday about the surveillance tape’s disappearance, but still did not have an answer about where the footage is located.

A teacher and two students who were in the classroom during the alleged attack testified they saw Allen holding the girl down as her daughter hit her with a combination lock.

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