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What would Portman say to VP nod?

Portman: No to running mate talk

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CINCINNATI - When Rob Portman campaigned for the Senate in 2010, his platform was all about jobs.

And today, Senator Portman hosted a job summit, to help pump up Ohio's aerospace industry.

I caught up with him at GE Evendale, to ask him about those jobs and about some political rumors.

Portman says the aerospace industry is Ohio's second largest. He gathered leaders from GE, Boeing and NASA for this summit.

Portman talked about the challenge of not only creating high-tech jobs, but training Ohio's workforce for the future.

"We're competing with the rest of the world here, he said. "It's not Ohio versus Indiana, it's Ohio competing against India."

Portman has been credited with helping Mitt Romney win the Ohio primary.  I asked him if Romney's latest primary wins mean he has  the nomination sewed up.

Portman: "I think he does. I think he's the nominee. And i think other Republicans need to acknowledge that."

The rumor mill especially in Washington, has Portman on the short list as a possible Romney running mate. So what would Portman say if he were asked?

"I'd say I can help you more here where I am. I love representing Ohio. Just went thru a 20-month campaign to get that honor, so this the is best place for me."

When I asked him what his family would say about a VP nod, he laughed and said, "Jane would probably say I'm not home enough as it is."

As for criticism of Romney's campaign style:

Portman says " This whole thing about him being stiff?  These are serious times, and requires serious leaders, people looking for pizazz,  that's not what I'm looking for.  For me and my family, businesses and workers, they want somebody with answers to tough questions."

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