Porshia Brooks dies from injuries after double shooting in Norwood

'She was a very sweet and energetic young woman'

CINCINNATI -- A woman is dead and a man is clinging to life after a double shooting on Saturday in Norwood.

A witness called 911 around 10: 30 p.m. on Saturday after finding a man and a woman – later identified as Porshia Brooks and Aaron Martin – bleeding, unconscious and suffering from multiple gunshot wounds.

The witness found them in a parked car on the 5200 block of Carthage Avenue.

Twenty-year-old Brooks died Tuesday from her injuries. Martin is still in critical condition.

"Porshia was a very sweet and energetic young woman," said Glen Schulte, Brooks' former teacher at the Zoo Academy, a program through Hughes High School at the Cincinnati Zoo.

"Those who knew her will miss her greatly," Schulte said.

The motive behind the shooting is believed to be a robbery, but officers said they are low on leads and have not yet identified any suspects in the case.

“This is the first incident of this type that we've had this year, so I would call this rare." said Lt. Tom Williams of the Norwood Police Department.

If you have information on this shooting, police ask you call Crimestoppers at 513-352-3040 or the Norwood Police Department at 513-458-4520.

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