Police: Keep driveways clean to keep potential burglars out

CINCINNATI - Police have one simple piece of advice for homeowners – shovel your driveway.

With snow accumulations over the past week, and more predicted Monday evening , police departments like Mason's are recommending people take this simple extra step in the winter beyond picking up newspapers from their yards to ward off would-be thieves.

Lt. Jeff Burson with the Mason police also emphasized making sure that a family member take the time to clear driveways and sidewalks of elderly relatives' homes in order to prevent a potentially dangerous confrontation between those relatives and burglars.

When it comes to weather, Jim Knapp, spokesman for the Hamilton County's Sheriff's Office, told 9 On Your side to also make sure homeowners do not allow strangers in their home posing as utility workers.

In Anderson Township, the sheriff's office received a couple of reports of strangers posing as utility workers trying to enter the homes of older people during this recent cold snap.

As far as what to do when no one is actually home?

"Let someone know," Burson said, so neighbors can watch each others' homes.

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