Pets that ran away on Independence Day to go to new homes

CINCINNATI -- Cincinnati animal shelters urge owners who lost pets during the July 4 weekend to take quick action to get them back home, as adoptions of those animals have already started.

Many pets ran away on Independence Day to get away from the frightening sounds of fireworks during the weekend celebrations.

"It's the loud noises from the fireworks display, it is very scary to a dog," SPCA director of operations Mike Retzlaff said.

As soon as the loud "booms" of fireworks sound, the SPCA gets flooded with calls from owners missing their animal, said Retzlaff.

With the number of pets being held at shelters days after the holiday, workers know owners may still be trying to find their lost furry friends and after four days at the SPCA, they could go to another family.

Of the 12 reported lost dogs in Retzlaff's area, only three of them were reunited with their owners.

Animal shelters across the Tri-State tell the same story.

Retzlaff said to remember one important piece of information before the next fireworks sound.

"Please use common sense, keep the dogs inside," Retzlaff said. "They don't need to be part of the fireworks display. Believe me they'll enjoy being inside in the basement with music playing."

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