Pet Pals: A litter of nine puppies all need homes

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CINCINNATI, OHIO - This week on Pet Pals, Bob Howard from the Stray Animal Adoption Program, SAAP, joined us with two puppies that need homes. They are collie/corgi mixes and are only 8 weeks old. They are from a litter of 9, and all 9 of the pups are available for immediate adoption at the "SAAP Station" beginning at 10am. SAAP Station is located at 58 Martha Layne Collins Blvd in Cold Spring, KY near NKU.

In the past several weeks, Howard has had an unusual number of calls regarding lost pets. He’s got a list of a few reminders in order to keep from losing your pet.

1.  Spay/Neuter your pet.  An altered pet is less likely to roam.

2.  Be on guard when bringing a new pet into the home.  It changes the balance of everything.

3.  Add distractions for your pet to keep them occupied.  Rotate toys.

4.  Ensure that gates are always latched.

5.  Take pictures to use if your pet is ever lost

6.  Update the pet's id tags

7.  Microchip your pet.

If you’re interested in adopting one of this week’s Pet Pals, call 859-391-1234.



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