Park West Behind-the-Scenes Part 7: Race to the finish for Over-the-Rhine renovation project

Units ready to show in about two weeks

CINCINNATI – It's almost show time for Park West.

In about two weeks, an apartment at the development in Over-the-Rhine will be ready to show to potential tenants.

"We're getting really excited," said Peter Frey, business development manager for Grandin Properties.

Hyde Park-based Grandin is redeveloping two historic buildings and connecting them to create Park West near the corner of 13th and Race streets in Over-the-Rhine.

Once completed, Park West will have 11 apartments in all. Grandin expects the development to be ready by Oct. 1.

The smallest available apartment is 596 square feet and will rent for $1,195 per month. The largest two apartments are 797 square feet each. They will rent for $1,595 a month.

The only two-bedroom apartment in the development already is leased, Frey said.

To give the public a better idea of what it takes to bring a historic building back to life, Grandin has given WCPO exclusive access to the Park West project from start to finish to document the work involved.

WCPO published the "before" story on March 9 , a couple weeks after an initial tour of the two buildings that are being joined to create Park West.

Part two was published after a tour March 19 , about three weeks after initial demolition had begun inside the buildings.

The third installment of the series was based on a tour taken April 16 .

The fourth was based on a tour May 21 , and the fifth was based on a tour June 18 .

The sixth installment was based on a tour taken July 23 , shortly before the last LumeoCity performance.

These photos were taken Aug. 20.

There were five crews working on the development that day – carpenters, people to lay tile, others to install drywall, another crew to install cabinets and a fifth to install fire protection equipment, said Steve Hudepohl of Hudepohl Construction. In all, there were about 30 workers at the site, he said.

Here's a photo tour of the progress that has been made over the past month.

The rear decks are the most noticeable change from the outside of the development. The decks extend from the bedrooms in the four apartments in 28 W. 13th St., the smaller of the two buildings that is closest to Washington Park.

Lucy May | WCPO


Perhaps the biggest change is the interior of the ground-floor unit in 28 W. 13th St. That apartment had been used for storage and a staging area until recently. But now drywall is going up, and the unit is taking shape.


Lucy May | WCPO


Many of the apartments in 26 W. 13th St., the larger of the two buildings that make up Park West, already have cabinets installed in the kitchen areas. This photo shows the cabinet in an apartment on the western side of the building.


Lucy May | WCPO


This photo shows cabinets installed in one of the units on the eastern side of the building.


Lucy May | WCPO


Apartments on the western side of 26 W. 13th St. have two large closets in the bedrooms.


Lucy May | WCPO


Closet space is tighter in the bedrooms of the apartments on the eastern side of that building. To make the space more efficient, Grandin plans to install shelves and two hanging bars in the narrow space.


Lucy May | WCPO


The apartments with the smaller closets will be equipped for a television mounted over the fireplace in each bedroom.


Lucy May | WCPO


The apartments in 28 W. 13th St. aren't quite as far along, but drywall is in place.


Lucy May | WCPO


The day WCPO toured the development, tile was stacked and ready to be installed in bathrooms throughout the development.


Lucy May | WCPO


The two-bedroom apartment in 26 W. 13th St. was buzzing with carpenters and painters. This photo shows the kitchen area where cabinets already had been installed.


Lucy May | WCPO


Most of the railing also had been installed for the two-bedroom apartment's rooftop deck.


Lucy May | WCPO


Before long, the exterior brick will be painted one of these pale gray colors.


Lucy May | WCPO


While it looks like much remains to be finished, Grandin Properties executives can see the end of the project in sight.

If everything remains on schedule, that end is fewer than six weeks away.


Lucy May | WCPO


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