Ohio Vietnam War veteran says delay in care at Dayton VA cost him his genitals

"They're all liars.”

Delay in care at Veterans Affairs hospitals across the country continues to be scrutinized and southern Ohio veteran Bill Kessler knows the effects of those delays all too well after suffering a tremendous loss.

The Vietnam War Marine veteran went to the Dayton VA hospital in 2010 after noticing a lump on his genitals.

"And I went to the primary care doctor, he examined me and said, 'I think its just a cyst,'” Kessler said.

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The doctor told Kessler not to worry about it but soon one cyst turned into three.

Kessler said doctors recommended a procedure that involved looking inside his urethra, but all the scopes needed for the procedure at the Dayton VA were broken and sent out for repair.

"And that's when it started bleeding continuously,” Kessler said.

Kessler came to Cincinnati looking for help and a doctor told him the lesions were cancerous and that his genitals would have to be removed.

Medical records show the VA admitted "there was a delay in his diagnosis..." and they offered apologies to Mr. Kessler for his care episode.

"It's very, very frustrating. I get madder than hell -- there is so much bureaucracy and craziness that goes on, people just don't give a damn about the veterans,” Kessler said.

The Dayton VA wouldn’t comment on the case citing HIPAA laws but officials said patient advocates will be in touch with Kessler.

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