Ohio man alleges he killed O.J. Simpson's wife, detective denies involvement

CINCINNATI - A retired Clermont County detective says new allegations that one of the Tri-State's most notorious killers murdered O.J. Simpson's wife and her friend, Ronald Goldman, are likely false.

Glen Rogers of Hamilton claims O.J. Simpson hired him to break into Nicole Brown Simpson's home and steal $20,000 diamond earrings.

Detective Dan Frazee, who has worked directly with Rogers, describes him as deceptive. Frazee also called Rogers "one of the coldest people [he has] ever met," saying Rogers asked him to plead guilty to murder in 2001 so he could move back to Ohio and serve out his prison sentence. Rogers is currently in Florida on death row.

"He's been sitting in prison for 17 years. He has nothing to do. Why not go ahead and admit to the Simpson case? Maybe he'll get a trip to California, maybe a grand jury. But all he's done is upset the Goldman family. He has nothing to do with the case. If he does, put up or shut up," said Frazee. "There's no law enforcement agency that is going to take him to trial. He should know that by now."

A documentary featuring Rogers' story airs at 9 p.m. on Investigation Discovery on Wednesday.

It includes the exclusive video of Rogers' arrest in 1995, captured by a 9 News team and interviews with our crew.

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