What was that fireball in the sky Thursday morning?

CINCINNATI -- Witness around the Tri-State region and even as far as Illinois reported seeing what appeared to be a meteor in the sky Thursday morning.

The American Meteor Society confirmed a large fireball over four states around 7 a.m. after more than 230 reports were submitted to the agency.

UReport submissions flew in to the WCPO newsroom claiming to have spotted the "bright lights in the sky." 

"I saw a very bright green light trace across the sky for about 4-5 seconds before breaking up," UReporter Steve Schulte said. 

A spokesperson from the Cincinnati Observatory says when a meteor -- whether a space rock or piece of rocket or satellite debris -- enters the atmosphere, extreme friction heats it to thousands of degrees.

That heating happens 50-60 miles up so the meteor can be seen for hundreds of miles around.

An observer from Indiana said he also heard a sound.

"I am a licensed pilot. At first, when I heard the sound, I looked for a plane and then saw the fireball in the sky," read the report. "A very impressive way to start your morning!"

The AMS reports that September has been a busy month for fireballs in the U.S., this being the 13th significant event so far.

To view the heat map of the fireball and for more information, click here .

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