Newtown, Ohio woman bakes cookies using Newtown, Conn. winnings to aid Sandy Hook survivors

Sometimes something as simple as a cookie can go a long way to provide comfort to another human being.

At least that is the hope of Newtown, Ohio resident Linda Smith, a woman who found herself in a unique situation after winning cooking equipment from a publishing company based in Newtown, Conn. days after the tragedy at Sandy Hook School.

Smith initially wanted to donate her winnings to help the survivors of Sandy Hook, but contest regulations prevented the company in question from being able to do that. So, Smith came up with her own solution, and way to give.

"To me cooking for other people is my way of showing people that I care about them and that I love them," Smith said. "That's when a light went off in my head and I knew exactly what I was going to do."

In an attempt to give monetarily to those affected by the school shooting tragedy, Smith baked over 2,500 cookies in a month that she is selling for $5 a piece online and at a variety of places.

Jeanie Champlin of the Newtown Feed and Supply, located at 6876 Main Street, Newtown, Ohio said when she heard of Smith's story she was glad to help.

"She won a gift and she didn't want that gift and she wanted to give the money back and they wouldn't take it and this is a way of paying that back," Champlin said.

Other locations to purchase Smith's cookies include: Lobsta Bakes of Maine, 3533 Church St.; Beechmont Pet Hospital, 6400 Salem Road; and Bizarre Bazaar, 7767 Five Mile Road. Orders can also be placed by emailing Smith at .

Smith said she would continue the fundraising activity through Feb. 14.

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