New mom lives in neighborhood where the life expectancy is 67 years

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CINCINNATI -- How long will you live?

The City of Cincinnati's Health Department says the key to finding out could lie in your neighborhood and some leaders believe neighborhoods need to change in order for that number to improve.

The average Cincinnatian lives to be 76 years old, but the odds are better if you live in Mount Lookout, Paddock Hills or Mount Adams. The life expectancy there is 87 or 88 years, which is about 20 years longer than the expected life span in South Fairmount and Lower Price Hill.

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"It's a measure of the health and social progress," Dr. Noble Maseru, City of Cincinnati Health Commissioner said.

So what's impacting how long people live? The group says access to grocery stores, healthy food, infant mortality, income and crime are all factors.

Amber Maiden, 20, walks everywhere from her home in Lower Price Hill, where the life expectancy is only 67 years. Her closest grocery is about two miles away in Price Hill.

"To get to the grocery I walk or pay my father-in-law to drive us," Maiden said. "He lives in Sayler Park so he comes all the way here to take us where we need to go so we don't have to walk with the baby."

Maiden has a nine-month-old baby boy.

"All the drugs, violence, prostitution. I just don't think it's right for all the kids down here," Maiden said

She is excited to move her family to Sayler Park, where the life expectancy jumps to 74 years.

"I don't really like it down here, since January my mom got killed right up the street from where I live by her boyfriend," Maiden said.

While her family is still in Lower Price Hill she says she's making the move for her son.

In his comments, Dr. Victor Garcia, founder of the Trauma Center at Cincinnati Children's said, "nothing stops a bullet, like a job."

One of the goals is to decrease joblessness in the neighborhoods.

"Intentionally creating businesses in the urban core to address the the poverty that exists and that I think is the root cause of not only child health but also adult health issue," Garcia said.

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