Name needed for Cincinnati Zoo's new baby giraffe

CINCINNATI - Mondays are usually pretty quiet at the Cincinnati Zoo, but not this Monday. A long line stretched around Giraffe Ridge, where through the windows you can see the zoo's newest attraction.

"Today we're so excited to share with all of the visitors our new baby giraffe, just three days old," said Dave Jenike, Vice President of the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden.

Not only can you see the baby giraffe through the windows of the Giraffe Ridge deck, but you can see her mom, Tessa and her dad Kimba. They are all spending time indoors and are bonding. Jenike says for now they will stay inside, but weather permitting, the baby giraffe will head outside in two or three weeks.

Officials at the Cincinnati Zoo are turning to you for help in naming the zoo's newest addition.

The Cincinnati Zoo's baby giraffe, born Friday morning, is doing well and bonding with her parents.

Name suggestions will be taken through the zoo's Facebook page at and Twitter account at until the end of Wednesday.

On Thursday, the zoo will post the top three names chosen by zoo staff on its Facebook page. There people can vote for their favorite name and the winning name will be announced Friday.

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