Mount Lookout dad creates 'Dads Are Cool' website

CINCINNATI -- A Mount Lookout dad created a website and an online community to help dads be better parents with

The website helps dads discover the things kids love.

Its creator, Adam Elrod, made the website because his son, Gavin, is always one step ahead with his best foot forward.

"Your kid thinks you are a superhero whether you're there once a day, once a week or once a month," Adam Elrod said.

Elrod was driven to make the website because he says there's little support out there for dads who could use some encouragement here and there.

"We know if we can help dads we're going to help the overall family," he said. "We're taking it from our own experiences from the advice we've gained from my dad, with other men that I'm around that are really passionate about building great families."

Elrod said it's easy to know what your kids are into and to share an interest with them.

"Just get down on the floor with them and just ask them about it and just encourage them in what they are doing," he said.

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