Motion to suppress evidence denied in La Salle student's 2013 shooting death

CINCINNATI – A motion to suppress evidence in the shooting death of a La Salle student last March was denied Monday.

Dierres Lee was 19 when police say he shot 17-year-old student Justin Brown in the head after a drug deal.

Lee’s attorneys requested evidence in the case – including information from the police lineup – be suppressed due to issues of faulty police work. His lawyers claimed the lineup was done improperly.

Police said Brown, along with three other La Salle students, attempted to buy marijuana from Lee in the 1700 block of Carll Street on Feb. 24, 2013.

Investigators said Lee shot at the four high school students’ vehicle after they gave Lee fake money and tried to drive away from the scene with the marijuana. Brown was struck in the head while in the passenger seat, according to authorities.

The other students in the car with Brown drove him to Good Samaritan Hospital. Brown was later transferred to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center where he died, police said.

Lee was charged with murder and felonious assault. He faces life in prison if convicted.

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