Millennial Mind Pt II: Cincinnati GOP political activist, 28, isn't waiting for an invitation to act

CINCINNATI - Anyone who researches the millennial generation will find a disproportionate number of articles on two topics: Those accusing the generation of possessing a host of less than desirable characteristics, and those written by millennials defending their generation from harsh criticism.

This five-part series will take a closer look at local millennials, who are defining their generation and setting a precedent for others to follow.

The 2012 election cycle found Raya Mafazy, 28, feeling frustrated with what she saw as “false narratives surrounding” Republican women. Born in Kenya, Mafazy said as a proud American immigrant and member of the Republican Party, she felt compelled to challenge public perception.

“I wanted to showcase the savvy, intelligent, diverse women I knew (in Cincinnati) with the same conservative principles,” she said. “We were all frustrated with the biased media, so we set out to harness the voices of elevate the profile of young professional Republican women.”

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