Military, veterans look for answers to shootings at Fort Hood

CINCINNATI – Everyone is looking for answers in the wake of another shooting rampage at Fort Hood, Texas.

"It's sickening that it happened again," said Howard Daugherty, executive director of Clermont County Veterans' Services.

"Are they doing this to get even with someone somehow? Did they get a Dear John letter?"

Clearly, he says, stress in the military is a huge factor.

The VA reports there are 22 suicides a day among vets.

The national household survey on drug abuse says 23 percent of male veterans report binge drinking, as do 14 percent of female vets.

Daugherty thinks frustration over our protracted wars is compounding the problem.

"You come home from Afghanistan, or Iraq, or in my case, you come home from Viet Nam, what did you accomplish?"

Adding to that growing pool of stomach acid,  the fear that events like Fort Hood may give civilian employers pause when hiring vets.

"Well, naturally, they're going to think about it. Naturally. Who wouldn't?"

Still, with some 22 million former service members in this country, he says perspective is important.

"One soldier does not make the whole pie."

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