Middletown resident competing in Judo events at the Olympics

MIDDLETOWN - The Team USA chant has been ringing across the world, but here in the Tri-State there's a community that is going all out for for Team Kayla.

Kayla Harrison is competing in the judo events on Aug. 2.

Judo is a combat form of martial arts.

The 22-year-old Middletown resident started the sport when she was six. Her family has loved every minute of her journey to the Olympics, but they tell us it was not without sacrifice.

"We gave up lots of time and money and years of not seeing her and lots of time on the road. traveling around and just taking her to practice and stuff like that," said Harrison's mother, Jennie Yazell,

Harrison is ranked first in the U.S. and fourth in the World.

She competes on Aug. 2 in London.

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