Michael Moore: Jury selection to continue in trial of former deputy accused of killing his parents

BURLINGTON, Ky. -- Jury selection will continue Tuesday in the trial of a former sheriff's deputy accused of killing his parents in Northern Kentucky

Michael Moore is charged with shooting his parents, Warren and Madge Moore, in June 2009 inside their home.

Investigators said Moore also shot himself and claimed another person was shooting inside the home.

He has been in jail since he was arrested four years ago. Jury selection in the trial began Monday morning.

During earlier hearings, Moore pleaded not guilty to murder, tampering with evidence, falsely reporting an incident and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

Moore is a former Warren County Sheriff's Office deputy who made headlines in 2004 when a grand jury indicted him for taking marijuana from the evidence room and for making meth in his garage.

Monday, lawyers on both sides of the case argued whether Moore's previous convictions should be allowed as evidence for his murder trial.

Attorneys also played a recording of Moore’s interview with detectives the night his parents were killed more than four years ago.

In the recording, Moore tells officers that someone came into his parents’ house and opened fire, shooting both himself and his parents. Moore also admits to using cocaine.

The commonwealth attorney claims that Moore would also steal pain medication from his mother.

Moore's father was the city administrator and former mayor of Union.

Chase College of Law professor Mark Stavsky said highly publicized cases like Moore's often cause difficulties during jury selection.

"You're going to have a challenge finding individuals who either have not heard about the case or have heard about the case but don't have an opinion one way or another,” Stavksy said.

Hearing in this case will continue all week until jurors are chosen.

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