Libertarian Jim Berns is running for Cincinnati mayor in 2013.
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Mayor hopeful announces his support of legalizing marijuana

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CINCINNATI - Libertarian candidate for Major of Cincinnati, Jim Berns, announced his support in "re-legalizing" marijuana.

Berns also said he supports Ohio Representative Robert F. Hagan's proposal to re-legalize marijuana for medicinal use and a second proposal which would allow people 21-years-old and older to purchase and use marijuana, according to a press release.

"The vast majority of Americans do not realize that the USA became a great country before marijuana was criminalized in 1930s as a way to discriminate against Mexican-Americans and blacks moving from the south to the north," Jim Berns stated in a press release after learning of Hagan's proposals.

Berns said he agrees with Hagan's idea that too much money is spent on the war on drugs with little progress to show for it, and is looking for a new drug policy in the country.

"Over and over I heard stories how loved ones got into trouble with the law for using marijuana, a substance of little danger compared to alcohol," Berns said in a press release. "These stories illustrate how we are making a serious health problem into a tragedy for families and the community.  Over 300 Ohioans are killed in alcohol related traffic accidents each year.  According to DrugFacts.Org of the over 2 million people who died in 2009 in the U.S none were from the use of marijuana."

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