Making a Difference: Speak Up for Horses rescues animals and watches for, warns of neglect

FALMOUTH, Ky. - Our weekly feature shines the spotlight on those unsung heroes among us: people who do good things for others every day, whether as a volunteer or as part of their job. Read on to find out how you can tell us about someone you know who’s making a difference!

Who: Speak Up for Horses
What they do: Rescue horses that are neglected or bound for slaughter
Where they do it: Falmouth, Ky.

Speak Up for Horses is a nonprofit organization focused on rescuing horses and educating the public about horse welfare laws.

The organization was founded in 2006 by a group of lifelong horse owners. The founding members met in 2004 after a double decker cattle truck full of horses wrecked on State Route 1 in Indiana.

Speak Up for Horses board members provide care for 20 horses on a large farm. They rescue slaughter-bound horses of all breeds and take in horses who are not wanted, as well as those that have been neglected.

In addition to rescuing horses, board members inform individuals and organizations about horse slaughter in hopes that Congress will ban the practice. Organization members also offer a training program to help animal control and law enforcement officers recognize horse abuse and neglect.

“We have to speak up for them. We have to get the different counties to enforce the law. We have to protect them,” said Shelly Price, executive director of Speak Up for Horses.

How you can make a difference

Individuals and organizations can support Speak Up for Horses in a variety of ways, Price said. Volunteers can help by:

  • cleaning stalls
  • raking barn aisles
  • doing repairs
  • petting horses or giving them treats

Qualified individuals also are needed to adopt horses. Those who are unable to volunteer or adopt can contribute financially by giving a donation or sponsoring a horse.

Connect with Speak Up for Horses:

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