Making a Difference: Newport pair brews up coffee that fuels caffeine needs & philanthropic efforts

NEWPORT, Ky. - Our weekly feature shines the spotlight on those unsung heroes among us: people who do good things for others every day, whether as a volunteer or as part of their job. Read on to find out how you can tell us about someone you know who's making a difference!

Who: Justin and Emily Carabello
What they do: Own and operate Carabello Coffee
Where they do it: Newport, Ky.

Justin Carabello started roasting coffee in a popcorn maker as a hobby in 2009. After reading an article about fair trade coffee, a vision began to form of a philanthropic coffee company.

He and his wife, Emily, brought the vision to life when they purchased, roasted and sold eight pounds of coffee through the private Christian school where they taught band and art, respectively.

They donated the profits to a Nicaraguan orphanage called Kids of Cascabel. Since then, the business has grown, and the Carabellos sell their coffee by the cup as well as by the bag out of their Newport coffee shop.

The pair continues to donate monthly to Kids of Cascabel. A portion of the profits also go to the East African Zarephath Ministry,  which provides food and clothing to orphans in Kenya. I Can Fly International, a rescue organization for child brides in Kenya, benefits from coffee sales as well.

In addition to donating money to those in need, the Carabellos try to attach price to quality and ensure farmers are appropriately compensated by offering fair trade, organic and farm direct coffees.

“What we’re trying to do is be part of a movement in coffee that is finding creative ways to help offset some of those inequalities. And we’re just a part of many companies who are looking for ways to give back to those communities,” Justin Carabello said.

How you can make a difference

The best way for people to help further the cause is to encourage companies, churches and other organizations to serve Carabello Coffee, the couple said. Those who want to help can also donate money directly to any of the organizations that benefit from their sales. 


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