Madeira man creates 'Mensch on a Bench' tradition for Hanukkah

MADEIRA, Ohio -- Remember the "Elf on a Shelf" craze?

A Madeira man recently came up with another version - "Mensch on a Bench."

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WCPO reporter Amy Wadas paid the local creator a visit to see what all "Mensch on a Bench " is about. 

It's really taking off, after starting out as a joke. It sold out in just two weeks.

Neil Hoffman's 5-year-old son Jacob loves it.

Hoffman got the idea while shopping with his wife at Nordstrom.

"My wife and Jacob said, 'Daddy can we get Elf on a Shelf' and I said, 'no we're Jewish, we don't get Elf on a Shelf, we get,' and I paused and said, 'Mensch on a Bench,' and it started off just as a joke and the idea really stuck with me," Hoffman said.

His wife, Erin said her husband's idea also grew from seeing her friends post their "Elf" photos on Facebook in 2012.

"I like putting him in funny positions," Jacob Hoffman said.

Now, every Jewish child who wants the "Mensch on a Bench" tradition can keep it going.

Hoffman hopes that when 2014 comes around, retailers will start selling his creation.


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