Lohrum Christmas Extravaganza lights to once again shine bright

OSGOOD, Ind. -- A family in Indiana is once again able to turn their lavish light display on, despite initial questions from authorities about traffic problems. 

The Lohrum Christmas Extravaganza announced on their Facebook page that their lights will shine bright starting Wednesday evening at 5:30 p.m. The family said they were giving people a heads up to avoid issues that had happened within the last several days. 

Just two days ago, authorities said bah humbug to the 60,000 light display, blaming it on traffic issues. 

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“Do you risk getting viewers in trouble with the law?” said Josh Lohrum, who put up the display. “This is the easiest way to handle it until we can figure out what to do.”

He said turning off the lights was the best way to make sure drivers weren't ticketed for stopping to admire the lights. 

When the display once again lights up the sky, the Lohrums are asking drivers to be respectful of their neighbors' property, let vehicles pass through the area and to avoid impeding traffic on W County Road 525. 

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