Local woman saves 10-year-old boy while on Florida vacation

CINCINNATI -- A local nurse's Florida vacation was far from relaxing after a 10-year-old boy came close to drowning in the hotel resort's pool.

Amy Reusch and her husband, both employees at Cincinnati Children's Hospital, had been at the Orange Lake Resort's pool for 15 minutes before Amy heard screaming.

"I saw a couple people pull a child out and he was just limp as a noodle and they pulled him to the side of the pool," Amy said.

Without thinking twice, Amy and her husband sprang into action and started CPR on the boy.

"My husband, who is a respiratory therapist, came over to see if he had a pulse and with all the commotion
it was really difficult to tell whether or not he had a pulse," Amy said. "People were pulling on him and wanting to turn him to his side."

The boy began breathing again and the couple has been credited with their quick thinking and immediate action.

Amy said she didn't think, she just relied on her training.




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