Local man recovers faster with UC's first-ever outpatient bone marrow transplant

CINCINNATI -- A Cincinnati man recently underwent an operation at University of Cincinnati Health Bone Marrow Transplant Center that had never been done before.

He had an outpatient bone marrow transplant, allowing him to recover much faster and spend less time in the hospital.

Earlier in 2013, 65-year-old Chuck Wade was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, blood cancer and needed triple by pass surgery.

"So it was sort of a sledgehammer and a world changer for my wife and I," Wade told WCPO reporter Tony Mirones.

Wade immediately had heart surgery before considering a bone marrow transplant to get rid of the cancer in his blood.

Besides Wade, about 140,000 adults are diagnosed with blood cancer per year. If the operation has to happen around the holidays, it means there's a good chance the holidays will be spent in the hospital.

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Dr. Elias Anaissie, Medical Director of UC Health Bone Marrow Transplant Center said the average stay for a bone marrow transplant is 17-21 days. She said the long stay also weakens the patient, so she offered the outpatient operation to Wade and his wife.

"The importance of this is that it creates a sense of normalcy for the patient," Anaissie said. "They eat better, they sleep better."

Wade has the surgery two weeks ago, and his wife of 37 years keeps a positive outlook.

""I don't have any doubts that he's sick any more. It makes you more thankful," Kathy Wade said.

Wade will return to the doctor in about a week to see if the cancer is gone.



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