Kindergarteners do chores to help needy

CINCINNATI - A group of kindergarten students at Primrose School of Symmes went grocery shopping to help local families in need and they did it all with money they earned from doing chores.

For the past month, the students have been doing extra chores at home to earn money to help less fortunate families.

After combining their earnings, the students drafted a grocery shopping list and took to the aisles at Harper's Point Kroger.

From boxes of stuffing to spaghetti sauces, all the students' food purchases will be donated to the Freestore Foodbank.

The students' teacher, Amy Edwards, says her class got an invaluable lesson on not only helping others but also the value of earning money.

The shopping trip is part of Primrose School's Caring and Giving program which helps students understand the value of generosity and creates a hands-on approach to math, nutrition and planning skills.

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